X-Factor Preps


The Inside Edge
After months of testing, finally found the perfect combination that softens the tires while also adding bite. Inside Edge also stays in the tire for more than a week without drying out like many inside preps.

Tipsy Juice
A medium/aggressive prep for tracks that are extremely sandy or have little bit just before it gets good. When the track is “Tipsy”, not wet, but not good yet. Best use for tire durometer readings in the 40s.

Thermal Juice
A medium prep for day and/or night races when tracks have some bite. This prep gives lots of grip and helps build heat in the tires. Best use for tire durometer readings 50 to 55.

The "X"
Our base prep used during the week to give the tire grip and condition it for the race weekend. Great on all tires and track conditions that need a tire durometer reading greater than 45. This is by far our most used outside prep.

Pitch Black
EL tire prep that creates extreme bite needed for those hard to get a grip tracks. Just a few wipes of this prep, and you will be on fire from lap 1. This is an at the track prep only.

The Edge EL
This is our highly tested Maxxis EL prep. It gives a ton of bite with a couple of wipes, without dropping the durometer reading on the tire. This is great for EL classes that have a durometer rule. Simply wipe and go!


$20 per qt and $75 per gallon

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Keep out of reach of children. Use TIRE PREP only in well ventilated areas. DO NOT inhale.The liquid and vapors are combustible. Keep away from open flames and sparks. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Please wear chemical resistant gloves when handling any TIRE PREP. Wash hands if they do contact PREP and SEEK EMERGENCY help immediately. Manufacturer shall not be liable for any consequential or other damages resulting from product use.